pátek 26. listopadu 2010

Agua jewellery set project

One woman from my mother´s work bought some blue color ball dress and wanted some jewellery set that fits to it. So she bought some blue faceted beads (about 1 cm big) and ask me to make something special for her. And because the dress was for ball, i didn´t have any borders how far can i with my imagination go. Jewellery for ball can be rich and a little bit exotic in some cases, so it´s not for casual wear.
One the pictures is what i made - bracelet, wristband and earrings :)

neděle 21. listopadu 2010

Maria Callas jewellery project

I´ve been asked by a known singing teacher to make collaret like the one worn by Maria Callas, the famous singer, in Traviatta opera. It is the hardest order I´ve ever had, you´ll understand why by only looking at the pictures.

If you count the number of stones or beads I have to buy it´s about 800 beads or stones. I spent a lot of time on ebay looking for some good beads to buy and  I bought:
- 200 pcs faceted swarowski clear beads (6mm)
- 200 pcs faceted swarowski red beads (6mm)
- 90 pcs faceted swarowski clear beads (8mm)
- 200 pcs bicone beads clear and red (4 mm)
Then in one local bead shop I´ve bought:
- 2 faceted red fat teardrop pendant with a sharp end (about 3cm)
And in one shop in Bautzen (GER) I´ve bought:
- 3 faceted red oval pendants with 2 holes (about 4cm)
- 1 faceted red fat teardrop pendant (6 cm)

The 6mm beads I´ve used to make the neck collar. The collar od Callas has only 3 bead lines, but I´ve made 4, because I´ve found out after their delivery to my home, that they are very small, smaller than I expected.
I´ve used 100 of the clear beads and 100 of the red beads to make the collar and than some more clear beads to make a locket from one smaller red teardrop pendant and clear beads. I´ve used memory wire and 4mm beading wire to wend the memory wire with beads, then som 8 mm wire for chainlet and hardening of the whole structure. Here´s the accomplishment:

I´m following this scheme:

Update #1:
I made the middle bead structure and first two lines of beads on the left side - there are 8mm clear beads and 6mm red beads. Now i´m waiting for delivery of  the rest of 8mm beads and 4mm clear bicone beads.

Update #2:
Both sides of the project are already made, but there are still only two lines of beads. Waiting for delivery of the rest...

Thx to: belgianoperaguide.be, operachic.typepad.com, ebay.com

pátek 5. listopadu 2010

Octopus from beads - Korálková chobotnice

I made it for woman, who really likes octopuses :) I used one big turquenit gemstone, small turquoise and black rocailles, 0,4 mm and 0,8 mm silver beading wire and black leather. Then I made a bracelet for her from the same material.