úterý 12. ledna 2010

PROGAYMERS gaming clan logo - GERMIA

This time, ill show you how do i really advance in making some graphic work.

At first, there has to be an idea. At the picture im trying to make something interesting up. (1st picture)

Then, ill realise it into a non-challenging program like Windows Painting or in the program, which is for me well known and the work in it is little bit faster and the product is better. In this case i´ve used Inkscape and made three good designs of the future logo. (2nd and 3rd picture)

Then I´ve opened the program, which allows you to create objects in 3D space. And there´s my first work, I´ve done (without any learning how to work in this program) in a day. (4th and 5th picture)

At the end, I´ve made in the same program an simple animation, that I´ll put in my future movie (likely). Here I show only very small animated gif made from the animation.(6th picture)

pátek 1. ledna 2010

"Trans Service" logo - GERMIA

Some time ago, i was told by my friend if i´ll do a logo for the company, in which he works. This company, Trans Service - Doprovody, is specializing in following of large cargo vehicles. He had some nice graphical concepts, very well (and sure better than me) done, and i loved them. But he doesn´t - he wanted something simplier, captivating, better. It taked very long time and i will explain why. He sent my very good designs, but in the formats of Adobe Illustrator (*.eps). I cannot open it in my free program, Inkscape, so i had to start from scratch. I made it a little bit simplier and interesting.

his work

my work


his work                                                                                                          my work

You can clearly see, that the changes are minimal and his work was for me the main inspiration.