pondělí 22. února 2010

Jak udělat korunku - GERMIA

I´ve obtained a job - to do the crown - something in the shape of the first picture, with the color of the second picture. It had to have a transparent background and look shiny.

I´ve started working in Inscape freeware vector program and I´ve done the basic shapes with the rectangle making tool, polygon making tool and circle making tool. Then I´ve chosen the tweak tool and made the shapes smooth and rounder. On the picture on the right side there are all the shapes I´ve used.

Next step was to join up the shapes with the same color and move this project to the program with the wider scale of colours. So I´ve opened Gimp freeware program and with all the select tools, masking tool and painting tools I´ve done some good projects. The winner is the picture on the right side.